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Bladder Cancer Symptoms

Posted on July 4 2013

Bladder cancer symptoms

Sometimes patients suffering from bladder cancer do not show any visible symptoms unless they are at advance stage and sometimes cancer like symptoms may be present due to any other medical condition like infections. Patients suffering from bladder cancer may show symptoms that are given below:

Bladder cancer symptoms

  • Hematuria:

It is a condition in which blood is present in the urine that can or can’t be observed by the naked eye. It has two types. First is gross hematuria in which color of blood becomes dark yellow or red showing presence of blood in the urine. The second type of hematuria is microscopic hematuria in which urine appears normal but blood is present in urine that can be confirmed by microscopic examination of urine. Hematuria is not a painful condition and it may occur due to any other medical condition such as infection or kidney stones. Almost 80-90% of bladder cancer patients exhibit hematuria.

  • Urinary tract infections:

One of the very important symptoms of bladder cancer is urinary tract infection in which bacteria invades and can causes serious infection of the urinary tract which may include kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder or urethral infection. These infections occur very frequently in patients of urinary bladder cancer.

  • Pain:

Pain is a very important symptom while diagnosing urinary bladder cancer. There can be several types of pains present in different organs of body. That may include pain during urination, lower back pain that may be one sided, bone pain in the patients in the area of rectum, pelvis or pelvic area and the pain that may be present posteriorly in the flank or lumber region.

  • Other symptoms:

Other (symptoms of bladder cancer include frequent urination, the urge to pass urine is frequent but patient is not able to pass urine easily, urine incontinence in which leaking of urine through urethra occurs, swelling in lower limbs and sudden weight loss.

Bladder cancer patient may also be exhibiting cancer symptoms other than bladder cancer that indicates that bladder cancer has already been metastasised to other parts or organs of the body and in such conditions the symptoms present depends on the organ of body to which cancer has been metastasised. If the bladder cancer has metastasised to lungs then it may cause shortness of breath or if the cancer has been metastasised to liver then symptoms present may include jaundice or abdominal pain. More about early signs of bladder cancer.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms then you should go to a doctor for a thorough medical check-up to diagnose your disease. Doctor will ask you about your history and present symptoms to diagnose about your exact problem.

Treatment of cancer may include relieving symptoms and preventing further harm to the body by preventing its metastasising ability and treating its symptoms that is also called symptomatic treatment. Do not forget to talk about all your present symptoms and their modification with treatment so that doctor can exactly know about your disease and treat it efficiently. v

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